Norbauer's RubyRags, acquired by Littlelines

We’re really excited to announce today an exciting new initiative for RubyRags (a community-spirit-building project selling Ruby and Rails themed apparel to Rubyists across the globe).

We at Norbauer Inc created RubyRags a few years ago and it grew quite popular in that time, but our consulting work prevented us from giving the project the proper attention. As of today, however, our pals the brothers Matt and Josh Sears over at Littlelines are taking over the RubyRags reigns, and they have some truly awesome plans for it. We believe they’re the perfect fit for the project: not only are they huge supporters of the Ruby and Rails communities, but they also have a keen design sensibility and an enthusiasm for e-commerce.

We can only share a few of the new things in store for RubyRags with you publicly now. But, suffice it to say, Littlelines plans to restock all the popular designs that have run out of stock, and more importantly, they plan to start releasing new designs at a regular interval, similar to how PeepCode releases screencasts. RubyRags hasn’t introduced a design in years, so this is a particularly exciting development, and I’m really eager to see what they come up with (especially since Josh is an illustrator himself).

Join the RubyRags mailing list for to stay in touch with what RubyRags is up to in the coming months.

Congratulations to Littlelines, and to all of us who will get to benefit from what they have planned!