Norbauer & Co.

Industrial Design

nerdy luxuries
for the blissfully obsessed

I’m Ryan Norbauer: a lifelong entrepreneur and maker, fascinated by the ways in which beautiful and sentimental everyday objects can hold a profound meaning in our lives. My industrial design studio, based in Silicon Valley, focuses on producing high-end, holy-grail products for enthusiast communities, from bespoke CNC-machined metal housings for computer keyboard modders to insanely accurate official movie prop replicas for sci-fi fans.

Street cred: my projects and writing have appeared in Wired, Gentleman’s Quarterly (GQ), Forbes, TechCrunch, The Boston Globe, The San Francisco Chronicle, Popular Mechanics, Tested, The Paris Review, Boing Boing, Offscreen, etc. My companies have, for example, done creative and technical work for Microsoft, Harvard, AMD, OKCupid, Yale, and Roddenberry Entertainment. My companies’ work, digital and physical, has been experienced by millions of people.

Norbauer & Co. works with a network of collaborators across the globe and is versed in every aspect of bringing a creative product to market: CAD, prototyping, engineering, software development, studio photography, video production, branding, art direction, illustration, packaging, sourcing and specification, international logistics, QC, e-commerce, fulfillment, et al.

New collaborations and business proposals are always welcome; feel free to send a my way.