Ruby on Rails consulting at Norbauer

We're a global team of web architects who know Ruby on Rails inside out.

We have built apps for clients like Microsoft, Yale, AMD, and Harvard. View our portfolio.

Looking to have a web app built? Please get in touch with our friends at the Rails consulting firm, LittleLines.

Web App development Due to a happy series of mergers and acquisitions, Norbauer Inc is no longer directly accepting consulting clients. However, our esteemed colleagues at LittleLines are taking up where we left off.

Updates Our ruby-themed apparel shop continues under the LittleLines banner. The social network we built, Lovetastic, was acquired by OKCupid in 2010. And many of our senior developers and project managers are now parts o/assets/images/legacy/rails-consulting/a href=''>Ryan Norbauer is now working on apps for researchers and GTD nerds.

History From 2005-2010, Norbauer Inc served as one of the leading web software architecture and design consulting firms in the world. With offices in Boston, New York, and New Delhi and a team of developers who helped write the code of the most popular and sophisticated open-source web framework (Ruby on Rails), we enjoyed a distinguished reputation in the open-source world and the good fortune to build systems for organizations like Microsoft, AMD, Yale University, tech publisher IDG, and many others—including apps that served millions of pageviews a day.

We thank everyone who helped us build our company over its five fun-filled years of operation.