The app for people serious about
getting things done—and living life on purpose.

We're working on the ultimate personal productivity app, but it's not designed to increase your productivity.

Unlike many apps and systems inspired by the ideas in GTD®, Portcullis is about more than lists and life-hacks. It's about being happy, avoiding overwhelm, and doing things that really matter to you.

Our software architect Ryan Norbauer, a former contributor at 43folders, has been an avid proponent of David Allen's ideas since way before being a GTD nerd was cool. He was trained as an experimental psychologist and, as the founder of four software companies, has spent the past decade engineering systems that have helped organizations (from Yale to Microsoft) get more work done with less stress and less effort.

Portcullis won't be done until 2014 at the earliest; we're cool with that, and we're in no rush. If you want to get involved, , follow us on Twitter, or sign up for our e-mail list below.

In the meantime, have a look at what our founder had to say about OmniFocus (which we recommend for users stuck on the Mac) to get a sense of how we approach thinking about productivity apps and GTD.

We're thinking about

  • Thoughtful, data-driven weekly reflections that keep you focused on what you really value, and why.
  • Incorporating Acceptance and Commitment Training strategies and concepts
  • How to keep everything out of your head without simultaneously being overwhelmed by enormous lists. (Help from sub-tasks/sub-projects/parallel tasks/dependencies, pausing, dropping, etc.)
  • A militantily minimalist user interface, at home on the new Windows desktop and playing nicely with Microsoft Office (OneNote in particular).
  • Non-proprietary, platform-independent data.
  • An absurdly keyboard-centric user interface, which nudges you to be a power user from Day-1.
  • It' ll either be totally free, or really expensive. (We honestly haven't decided yet.)

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