The digital commonplace book for
professional researchers and writers.

We're working on an app to help writers make sense of the enormous volume of quotations, citations, ideas, and notes that result from the act of careful reading and research.

Our software architect Ryan Norbauer, has published research in top peer-reviewed journals across two separate academic disciplines and has written for publications ranging from Forbes to 43folders. As the founder of four software companies, he has spent the past decade engineering systems that have helped organizations (from Yale to Microsoft) get more work done with less stress and less effort.

Miskatonic won't be done for quite a while; we're cool with that, and we're in no rush. If you want to get involved, , follow us on Twitter, or sign up for our e-mail list below.

We're thinking about

  • When it comes time to write on a particular subject, how to lay one's hands on everything one has read on that subject from many varying sources and authors, all in one place, with access to its original context and citation information.
  • How to quickly add meta-data to research so that it becomes easily retrievable when it is relevant and actionable.
  • A militantily minimalist user interface, at home on the new Windows desktop and playing nicely with Microsoft Office (OneNote in particular).
  • Non-proprietary, platform-independent data, accessible across a wide array of devices.

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