About Norbauer Applications

Norbauer Applications is a speculative engineering workshop in Cambridge, Massachusetts. We have just embarked on a multi-year project to build an ambitious suite of productivity apps for researchers, writers, and everyone who does any kind of thought-work.

We are building multi-platform applications with a particular focus on a rich Windows (desktop, mobile, and Azure) user experience, robust sync, and rapid data manipulation.

We are inspired by aspects of the Metro design language, the ideas behind David Allen's GTD® system, Acceptance and Committment Training (behavior analysis), OneNote, and the concept of commonplacing.

We're taking our time, having fun with research and planning, and we aren't going to be too hard on ourselves if we never actually get around to shipping a product.

The closest you might say we get to a manifesto can be inferred from two of our favorite articles on 43folders: Cranking by Merlin Mann, and Death and Underachievement by Ryan Norbauer.

If you're interested in what we're doing, anytime.

And, in the meantime, check out some of what we have planned.